Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing but true: Westword Web Award Nominee

A gaggle of Denver's technorati huddled beneath the comforting glow of projected LCD
Somehow, as an outcome of the intricate and unfathomable machinations of the universe, this modest, and I daresay, oft neglected blog was nominated for a Westword Web Award. That our sincere but haphazard little collection of photos and anecdotes was nominated is most astonishing because, as just about anyone in the Denver metro area will recognize, Westword is not some two-bit operation; it is the leading arts and entertainment publication for the city. Our role in this bewildering episode only came to my attention the day before yesterday when Nick, the friendly Westword web editor, sent an invitation to attend the awards party.

In the end, we didn't win. To be honest, I'm not even sure in which category we were competing, but it really matters very little. Whatever the case, the party was fun and the free beer, food and entertainment was a great way to enjoy the rarity, as parents of a young child, of being out on the town.

With any luck, those ethereal entities who pull the levers behind the curtains of the online world will again see fit to nominate us, if nothing else for the chance of another evening out. Surely, if next year there is a category for blogs about immense mute and/or cerebrally challenged bikes piloted by a father/daughter combo, an epic win is practically in the bag. Maybe I should get a head start on the acceptance speech now.
Parents out after bedtime. Virtually unrecognizable without bike helmets.

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