Thursday, November 18, 2010

B-cycling the streets of Denver

The propulsion system for a Denver B-cycle
One of the perks of my daily life is that I get to ride around the streets of Denver observing things, usually by way of the fleet of Denver B-cycle bikes. Being on a bike for much of the time, I've become accustomed to carrying an accoutrement of outerwear to deal with the frequent and sometimes dramatic changes in weather.

A few days ago I encountered a sudden snowy/slushy storm after a clear but windy afternoon. Yesterday the temperature was sharply chilly, and today was about 20 degrees warmer, so I shed layers as necessary. Whatever the weather throws at me, I have never had to remind myself that I'm having more fun than I would if I were sitting at a desk. I'm not a great fan of the cold and gloomy months that lie ahead, but I'll continue to relish my time on two wheels.
Clear sailing on a grayish afternoon

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