Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CSA apples and cherry wine

Excited about a seed she picked out of an apple core
After school on Wednesdays for the last few months, my daughter and I swing past a pickup spot for our CSA fruit share. The share has mostly been apples of different varieties for the past several weeks. Outcomes of having all these apples around include apples for snacks, lunches, and a lot of apple pie and apple crisp, all of which I enjoy. However, this week we got some cherry wine in addition to the apples. I'm eager to drink the wine, but I'm not sure what foods go with cherry wine. Apple strudel perhaps?


  1. Have you drunk the wine yet? We completely forgot to pick up our share this week, which was fine since we're drowning in apples, but I was curious about the wine. Oh well.

  2. The wine remains intact. We had plans to drink it while visiting my brother over the weekend, but forgot the bottle at home. I'll post when we give it a try.