Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge Day 2

Not technically a bike, but a happy rider just the same.
I am rolling on day two of the TSBC Challenge. I had some intention to do some daytime riding today, but things such as they are did not allow for it. Instead, I had another pleasant, if chilly, night ride of about 40 minutes and indeterminate distance. The route was ambling and leisurely, to explore familiar areas rendered somewhat alien by the darkness and a blanket of snow. Although the terrain of the ride was never far from my neighborhood, I ventured into fields and open spaces where the snow and darkness hid objects in an almost lunar landscape. At times, the Pugsley's voluminous tires and powerful new light made me almost feel as though I were riding on the surface of the moon. It didn't hurt that the moon itself was bright and approaching full.

Anyway, the ride for the day has been achieved, with some photos below for documentation. Enjoy!
A shot of the local farm in the moonlight. An Ergon grip on my Pug served to stabilize my Canon SD1300.

The Moon, Jupiter, and Aldebaran in descending order of magnitude and ascending order of mass.

The alien landscape typical of much of my ride tonight.

Along a stretch of trail that is well-traveled by geese.

Sometimes you gotta take the time to stop and smell the goose poo.

This major award is for Fixed Gal

Cruising around to look at holiday lights takes on an entirely different flavor via bike.

A little blurry because of camera limitations, but this is my bikejoring snow dog at speed.

Tonight's ride was ever so slightly warmer than last night.

My daughters got me a new pair of my favorite gloves that kept me warm on the ride: Outdoor Research Flurry wool blend.


  1. I need one of those leg lamps! And I will tote it home on my new Pugsley.

  2. A battery powered version of the lamp strapped to a front rack of a Pugsley would be a good combo.