Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas haul/TSBC challenge day 1

Happy holidays to everyone, in whatever flavor you prefer. We have done our fair share of celebrating over the last couple of days, including the requisite swarm of gifts. One item that came my way was a Niterider Lumina 500 bike light. My new light, when coupled with the Tarik Saleh Bicycle Club Challenge that I discovered this afternoon, led to a crisp, cold bike ride this evening.
Niterider Lumina 500
About 15 degrees Fahrenheit upon departure.
It was frigid enough outside that the fat tires of the Pugsley made the snow squeak as I rode across it. The squeakiness was especially noticeable in sections of un-compacted snow. The cold, dark and completely unoccupied streets made it feel a bit as if I were riding in my old town of Laramie, Wyoming. The big difference was that in the old days, I rarely had a light on my bike, and if I did, it was certainly not as powerful as the Lumina 500. As the name implies, on full power the light is rated at 500 lumens, which roughly translates in general terms as being very bright. It's seemingly as bright as a motorcycle headlight. I'm sure there are much more powerful bike lights out there, but this is the brightest I've ever had.
The glare on the icy surface of the road is from the Lumina 500.
The far end of the beam is about 100 feet distant.
The ride was quite brisk, but enjoyable, and ended up being a bit over two miles in my estimation. In this part of the year when the days are short and darkness comes early, this new, powerful light will change my riding dynamics.

A bit earlier in the day, we used a non-wheeled vehicle to do a little of another type of riding. The girls bundled up and I dug out their sleds. With a fresh coating of snow from last night, we pulled them for a few blocks to the local sled hill and put in several runs.
... and grinning.
After a full day of alternately playing and eating, the girls were ready for settling down, but not before a little more playing. It's a lot of fun to re-experience the discovery of familiar traditions through them.
Almost ready for bed.
But a little sisterly quality time first.

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