Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge Day 5

The word for the day was light. As in sunlight. Finally a day ride logged for the TSBC Challenge. As it turned out, I didn't take a lot of photos even though the light to do so was readily available. Instead, Scout and I concentrated on enjoying the weather and following animal tracks wherever they led us. The more I ride the Pugsley, the more its go-anywhere aura reminds me of that of the myriad random dirt bikes I had as a kid. Perhaps not coincidentally, on the Pugsley I find myself doing the kind of exploratory, no-particular-destination type riding now that I did back then.

Back in the old days, I didn't think in terms of long distance epic bike rides, as I wasn't allowed to go more than a couple of miles from my house in my small Wyoming town. Nowadays, I can ostensibly ride anywhere I want to go, but in reality, different circumstances set boundaries on my riding radius in much the same way. I have to seize chances to carve out rides close to home to best utilize my limited time. Something about the fat, omni-terrain tires of the Pugsley makes bounded radius rides on this bike very appealing. I don't have to go more than a few blocks to find inviting dirt or trails of opportunity that are packed with fun things to do and see. It's all a matter of perspective.

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