Monday, December 31, 2012

Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge Day 6

Pointy ears perked up.
Another daytime ride for the TSBC Challenge. It was warm today, well above freezing. Warm temperatures mean melting snow and slushy conditions. It's times like these that remind me that I have yet to construct a set of fenders for the Pug. There aren't any commercial fatbike fender sources of which I'm aware, but there are a lot of tinkerers out there who have documented their own solutions. I haven't decided whether I'll go the Toni Lund, Pat S or Gypsy Nicholas routes, or devise one of my own. Regardless, I'm not a fan of being unnecessarily sprayed by muck, so I think some sort of fenders are in my near future.

Today's ride was once again more nosing around my neighborhood. We met a few people out and about, and got our share of familiar greetings that go something like, "Whoa, those sure are some big tires," or the ever popular, "Where's the motor?" Anyone who rides a fatbike is certain to have encountered similar exclamations. Such is life on chubby tires.

Ice underneath makes it slicker than it looks.
Hackles up as we approach a suspicious dog being walked.
A little break after running a couple of miles.

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