Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BSNYC on the Big Dummy

It seems as though the master opinionator of the bike world, while not overtly admitting in so many words, likes his Big Dummy.


  1. I saw that photo and noticed John Hayden (sp?) in the lower corner, but somehow did not recognize you. I associate you with the "bike with license fenders", so if you two are separated I can see neither.


  2. Yes, John is also in the photo, under the glare of the flash in my clumsy shot of the page. If you look closely, my lower legs are also on the TOC page. Since I'm not a regular Bicycling reader, I learned about my appearance in the magazine from my brother-in-law Larry in Minnesota.

    My license plate fender bike is my most iconic bike. I suppose I'll have to construct a pair of portable fenders to bring along to maintain my image.