Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Riding with Lance Armstrong and friends

We lent the assistance of our wheels to Lance Armstrong and his pals Governor Bill Ritter, Davis Phinney and a lot of other celebrities and local bicyclists to celebrate the announcement of the Quiznos Pro Challenge, a new professional level cycling event in Colorado.

Lance making the announcement
Of course, many of our friends were also there...

Piep of BikeDenver
Maggie of Bicycle Colorado and Emily of Denver Public Works
The crowd at the state capitol was large
After the press conference, we took a ride with Lance and company to Washington Park and back downtown for lunch at Taki's with Julie/Mommy.

The front of the peloton with Lance somewhere in there as they lapped us in Wash Park
Our rig probably weighed about as much as any eight or so of the bikes in Lance's group, which is only fair because we had home street advantage.
Doing an impression of a chipmunk storing edamame at Taki's

We had a great time and wish the best for the Quiznos Pro Challenge and all bicycling in Colorado.


  1. So were you and Stella the only ones on that ride NOT wearing lycra?

  2. There were about a hundred or so of us with flapping sleeves and fenders at the back of the pack. However the majority of the peloton were suited up. Interestingly, there was a lot of curiosity from the lycra set about the Big Dummy and Stella's setup, and I had several good conversations. I'm always out there to win over the hearts and minds of our more sleekly attired brethren and sistren. After all what's more non-threatening than a big goofy guy on a big goofy bike hauling a bunch of stuff and having fun?

  3. I figured that that was probably the case. Would have liked to have caught a gander at Lance but had other plans for the day. Looking forward to this race coming to CO, though!