Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of K: afternoon ride

"I love kindergarten 'cause it's so fun."
This afternoon when the school bell rang, Julie and I were waiting at school to meet our girl. She had a great day and was excited to see us.
School is out
There were several other kids who rode bikes, mostly from older grade levels. She was easily the youngest kid on the smallest bike at the school. It's encouraging to see that some other kids ride bikes, and we'll do our part to help those numbers grow.
She doesn't get her talent for color coordination from me
The afternoon trip to school coincided with another milestone, as the Big Dummy hit the 1,000 mile mark since I installed the cycle computer sometime in the middle of last year. I ordinarily don't keep track of the miles on my bikes, in fact the Big Dummy is one of only a couple with a cycle computer. However, I was curious to see how many miles it accumulated, since its primary purpose is to replace car trips. To date, I'd say that conservatively, about 75% of the miles on the bike directly replaced miles that would otherwise have been driven.
Thanks for the 1,000 miles, BD. Here's to thousands more.
We had a nice ride home, tracing in reverse the path that we took in the morning. We had some snacks and drinks along the way, and in general took it easy because of the mid-ninety degree weather. We are already looking forward to tomorrow's ride.
Homeward bound

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