Sunday, August 22, 2010

Western Welcome Week and rack mount mod

Yesterday was the parade for Western Welcome Week, the big annual community event of our little suburb. Our girl is a big fan of parades, and as it turns out this parade was a big fan of hers. Many parade participants complimented her on her coordinated outfit including matching cowgirl hat and boots.
Howdy pardner
When the parade was finished, we toured the sites and the food booths. Somehow she ended up simultaneously consuming a Tootsie pop and a root beer float courtesy of our fine and honorable State Representative Joe Rice. This just after a snow cone. Needless to say, she had plenty of energy on the ride home.
Contemplating what is sweeter: the good themselves or getting away with such an obvious overindulgence of sugar?
She calls her bike "Rosie" and refers to it as her horse
When we got home, I decided to pare off the excess length of roof tray from my kid bike carrier project. First a little miter saw action...
A little more urbane than a hacksaw
Then a little time with the drill press...
Off camera is a peach daiquiri. Remember to practice power tool safety.
Followed by a little finishing work to make the new end have the same fitting holes as the old end...
Old end (left), new end (right)
And voila! No more extra rack tray sticking out for someone to trip on. Nice and tidy.
Just the right length now
The whole rig rides like a champ
A final addition to the Big Dummy was a new sticker courtesy of the Vote Hick for Gov float in the parade.


  1. Is there anything you don't know how to do? Or, maybe I should say, is there anything you can't improvise?

  2. I think improvise is the key word. I'm descended from a long line of frugal and self-taught applied re-inventors. Although sometimes I'd like to improve the finish quality of my work, I'm no artisan. Most of my projects are definitely function over form.

  3. I wish you two were my parents, I mean, if I were much younger that is :)