Tuesday, August 10, 2010

T minus 7 days

Pre-flight check complete: Big Dummy with Electra in tow position
Next Wednesday is the first day of kindergarten. We've been preparing in a variety of ways, but the most fun might be figuring out the logistics of riding to school. The school is about a mile away along a very familiar route and largely on a terrific trail, but requires us to cross a major street in the first part of the trip. As capable of a young rider as she may be, crossing four lanes of busy traffic is not something that we are up to as of yet.

This is where the Big Dummy comes in. We'll tow her Electra during the first segment of the trip, from home to just past the big street. Once on the trail, she'll launch off on her own bike with me accompanying her on the Dummy for the remainder of the journey. We've ridden a couple of very smooth dry runs on the route. From door to door, the trip takes 13 to 14 minutes, including time to disconnect her bike from the Dummy and of course obeying all traffic signs and rules of the road. I doubt that the time requirements would be much different in a car, including parking and walking time, and it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun.

She is excited for school and I'm proud that on her first day of public school she'll arrive by bike under her own power.


  1. Our little gal is headed for her first day of Kindergarten this year as well. She was in full day ECE last year so she's ready for the school part (although in a different school). Fortunately, the bike ride to the new school is closer and far less tedious than the old school (which we'll return to next year.)

  2. It's a bit exciting, isn't it? My daughter has been in full-day ECE too, so the transition to full-day K should be simple. Just curious, but why return to the old school if it's a tedious ride?

  3. We've been in the previous school for five years now (with our son) and it's really "our" school. However, we moved out of the neighborhood a few years ago and now have to "choice in." This year (and last for that matter) the younger siblings of choice students weren't able to have a spot in Kindergarten because of a rise in the number of neighborhood kids. It is afterall, their school first. We forfeited our claim when we chose to buy a house in the next 'hood over. It's been a highly political situation overall but it is what it is. We're pleased with the option we have for Kindergarten this year but will definitely return next year. That school is home, iykwim.