Sunday, August 15, 2010

First actual ride to school, sort of

Although the first day of school hasn't yet arrived, on Friday there was a getting acquainted event, so this was our first opportunity to ride to school with an actual school-related purpose. We rode as we've done in the practice runs, modified only with the addition of Mommy joining the pack.

Ducks in a row
All went well with the ride and the event, although it's astonishing to see the quantity and size of vehicles that tend to cluster around a school when it's in use. It looks as though I have a job ahead of me, as there might have to be something done about the bike racks at the school. The racks are of an archaic wheel-bender design and seemingly mostly disused, having been sequestered far out of the way behind the school. We ended up locking to a pole at the front of the building.

The ride home was nice. I'm well aware of the shortcomings and implications of suburban land use, but it's hard not to appreciate a shaded and well-groomed path in a bucolic setting. Followed up by cold beer and tasty pizza, and you've got the makings of a great way to spend a Friday evening.
Streamers streaming
It's difficult to keep ahead of her sometimes

Gratuitous beer and pizza photo


  1. We live across the street from Morey Middle School and wish there were more families like yours. The motorized vehicle traffic in the mornings and afternoons is nuts!!

  2. We're fighting the power, I guess. Hopefully all goes well when we go head to head with the car families. I have alternate procedures in case we experience too many cars. A lot has changed since my elementary school experience, when the only transport vectors were walk, bike or bus.

  3. Good luck to Stella on her first day of kindergarten!

    Not sure what school district you're in, but are there any age-related restrictions on students riding bikes to school? Aurora Public Schools only allow 4th-5th graders to ride. Again, probably due to the massive volume of vehicles that appear at pre and post-school times.

  4. Thanks. We're in Littleton, and as far as I'm aware there are no bike riding restrictions. The volume of cars is definitely a safety concern. However, I was encouraged to see a number of walkers and a few bikers when we went to the kindergarten assessment test this morning. K starts on Wednesday, even though the other grades started today.